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4-5-1 Formation – Learn the tactics and formation

The 4-5-1 formation utilities a strong midfield to help control the central area of the pitch. This is good for holding possession of the ball and winning tight battles that tend to happen in the midfield area.

Attacking in 4-5-1 formation

Having only one striker with this tactical play, it can be harder to score goals if not used properly. Midfielders must push forward to assist the lone striker, otherwise, he will just be outnumbered.

Its not just about getting men into the box, but about making runs in the right places to open up defence or even make dummy runs to give room for the striker. With this tactical play, you have the same wing options as the 4-4-2 but going wide might not be a good idea with only one striker to aim for. If you do go wide, try to make sure midfielders get themselves into the box for a chance to head on goal.

Personally, i think that it also the striker as well as the midfielders to make the 4-5-1 work. The striker must have good strength to be able to shrug off defenders. Smaller players have a much disadvantage in when going up as a lone striker. The main reason being that defenders will most likely try and use their strength to try and intimidate and pressure you for the ball. First touch is also recommended. Poor touch can often lead to loosing the ball in tight situations.

Defense in 4-5-1 formation

4-5-1 Formation

The 4-5-1 formation utilities a much stronger defence then the 4-4-2. Having 5 midfielders gives the team a lot more options in the central area. For example, rather then play one defensive midfielder, you could play two. More defenders give a stronger defensive!

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  • Strong Midfield, easier to control the pace of the game.
  • More defending options
  • Good attacking options if used properly


  • Striker must be strong
  • Midfielders must be able to support
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